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3-speed Diamond Core Drill DK 13 / DK 17 Wet + Dry

Coupling ball valve for wet drilling

Coupling exhaust adapter for dry drilling Technical Data Type Nominal power Output power Load speedLength Weight Drilling Ø approx. in drill stand (concrete) hand held (concrete) hand held (bricks) Tool fixture Mounting neck Ø suitable Drill rig W W 1/min mm kg mm mm mm mm DK 13 1600 1100 580/1400/2900420 6,3 DK 17 2000 1340 540/1200/2520 420 6,3

15 - 130 20 - 160 15 - 60 20 - 100 20 - 150 20 - 200 1 1/4" + G1/2" 60 KS 13

Diamond Core Drills

Diamond Wall Saws

WEKA has combined twomachines in one. Without further costly appurtenances or equipments it is possible to drill wet or dry. After simply changing the water- respectively the vacuum-adapter the drill is ready to work. Aspecial designed sealing system with superposed protective rings allows this combination of water cooling and dust exhausting. The DK 17 is famous for its special power and a therefore wide drilling rangeof a diameter up to 200 mm. In addition to a high efficiency motor and gearing unit, both machines show the following features: Universal Operation and high flexibility The DK 13/DK 17 is a reallyflexible core drill. With one machine it is possible to produce core boreholes in concrete (water supply) or bricks, respectively masonry (dry with dust exhausting). It is a hand held machine and if itis required to bore bigger holes - a drill, which can be fitted on a appropriate rig, e.g. the WEKA type KS 13. The DK 13/DK 17 is supplied completely with wrenches in a very handy carrying case with aspecial tray. On the upper side the machine is deposited and below there is space enough for some core bits. Tool fixture and AF- Element It is possible, to use drill bits with standard tool fixture1 1/4" UNC. A tool adapter for G 1/2" bits for wet drilling belongs to the delivery unit. A new designed Antifriction-Element (AF-Element) fitted on the drill spindle provides for an easy sever the...
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