Extreme jobs

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  • Publicado : 13 de junio de 2011
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• To inform why some people choose extreme jobs to work.
• To communicate the risks of these kind of jobs.
• To determine mortality statistics,the job identified.
• Investigate some of the most extreme jobs in the world
This project is important because it makes people be aware of the existence of this type of jobs and risksthat can run the people who do them. On the other hand shows that people who do this kind of job feels a very strong love to that. Also this project allowed the people to know some of the extremejobs that exist.
First of all typical extreme jobs can be defined as jobs that involved dangerous risks. Even jobs like firefighting, high altitude rescue, while involve high personalrisk also come with high rewards. It takes a special individual who is willing to put it all on the line.
High earnings is only part of the attraction, most career professionals in an extreme job willtell you that they love what they do. The travel, the prestige and the adrenalin rush only add to the dedication that eventually becomes part of the identity of the career professional. Because theylove their work the drive to succeed is very high, and usually in direct correlation with the success of meeting their business objectives. These type of jobs involve high personal and physical riskbut the rewards are equally undeniable.
Sufull Collectors
In Indonesia, is the Kawah Ijen volcano, 2,600 meters high, crowned by a large boiler and a lake 200 meters deep of sulfuric acid. Thevolcano gases emitted through the crater, and local miners have used it for a living. Stone and ceramic tubes plugged craters, because it condenses into a liquid molten sulfur in red, dripping down andsolidifies into pure sulfur. The miners take the sulfur pieces with steel bars, challenging the extremely hazardous gases and liquids with minimal protection.

Miners carry everything they can...