Ezdok camera addon for microsoft flight simulator x

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EZdok CAMERA ADDON For Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Ver. 1.15.1


1. Introduction 2. Features 3. Note for advanced users 4. System requirements 5. Installation notes 6. Preliminary settings 7. Interface 8. Camera shaking modes 9. View modes control 10. Addon status indicator 11. General settings 12. TrackIR settings 13. Getting started 14. Switching betweenthe cameras 15. Assigning keyboard shortcuts and joystick buttons for camera switching. 16. Creating, deleting and renaming Virtual Cockpit and Aircraft cameras. 17. Creating, deleting and renaming World cameras 18. Positioning cameras 19. Camera position limiter 20. Camera export and import 21. View modes settings 22. Camera Shake effects setting 22.1 Brief description of RANDOM EFFECT settings22.2 Brief description of DHM effect settings 22.3 Brief description of CAMERA RESONANCE effect settings 19. Video examples on youtube.com 30 34 35 36 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 13 14 15 16 18 19 21 22 24 25 26 27 28 29




Ezdok Camera Addon (EZCA) greatly enhances view control in Flight Simulator X. It allows the user to travel within the virtual cockpit of the aircraft, around theaircraft, and around the Flight Simulator X world. The addon also simulates the visual effects of the pilot’s head movements caused by vibration, turbulence, aircraft accelerations, and surface roughness when on the ground. With EZCA you can place internal or external cameras “on-the-fly”, adjust its position, and turn on or off the appropriate camera shake effects. You can travel around thevirtual cockpit and outside the aircraft using the mouse and keyboard like you do in 3D shooters. With the benefits of “Point-to-point” and “3D-panoraming” technologies you can make view control in FSX as nearly as convenient as with advanced hardware view control systems like Track-IR. We hope developers of scenery addons for FSX will also find EZCA as a valuable tool. EZCA’s ability of walking aroundthe Flight Simulator world will help them to observe their objects from any point of view within Flight Simulator, helping them to avoid flaws and mistakes. EZCA expands the possibilities of Flight Simulator X movie making and will be useful for addon developers as a tool that can improve the quality of promo videos of their products, as well as for movie making enthusiasts to get the mostrealistic effects and viewpoints. Examples of videos made with EZCA Video1 Video2 Video3 Video4 EZCA is created by Ezdok Software, and published in partnership with Flight One Software. Support is provided by Ezdok Software and Flight One Software staff via a customer support forum. We highly recommend you visit the forum and participate in discussions regarding EZCA to learn about features, to helpoffer suggestions, and to help make EZCA even more ground breaking. To visit Ezdok Software: http://www.ezdok-software.com To visit Flight One Software: http://www.flight1.com For the EZCA discussion forum: http://www.simforums.com/forums


With EZCA you can: • • • • • • • •


Travel throughout virtual cockpit or cabin of the aircraft, around the outside of the aircraft, andaround the flight simulator world. Smoothly switch between the cameras (PtP technology). In this mode, the camera smoothly “floats” from the current position to a new position. Create up to 255 internal, external aircraft, and world cameras for every aircraft. Edit POV and locations of the camera “on-the-fly” with the mouse and keyboard. Switch between the cameras with joystick buttons or keyboardshortcuts. Enable and disable mouse look mode with the middle mouse button. Use 3D “panoraming” mode. Create and modify your own camera shake effects with the built-in effects editor. Import and export settings to an external files for back-up or sharing with other EZCA users. You can export camera settings and other settings for every single effect or module separately.



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