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EZRA is A..! :) Before you argue:
- A was born in 1994? No! Producer Marlene King tweeted that this birthdate is a LIE – she says “A lies a lot”
- The text that Aria got in his class the first daycould've been pre-sent.
- The person who removed his key from under his doormat could've been someone he hired - the producers have said many times that not all black-gloved shots are shots of A..
-Ezra loves Aria? He could be pretending!! They haven’t even slept together yet!
- We don’t know anything about his past, he could have lots of shady secrets.
- Finally, it doesn’t HAVE to MAKESENSE, we won’t know the motive until they tell us, so all we can rely on are clues. And if it’s OBVIOUS, it’s NOT A.. If he’s on the BOTTOM of the suspect list, he’d be the PERFECT TWIST!

Here are theclues:
1. In episodes 1.15 and 2.12, A is described as having “interesting” and “pretty” eyes –
1.1. In episode 1.02, the Ezria scene at the end of the episode features the song by Brooke Waggoner“Fresh Pair of EYES.”
1.2. That scene had Ezra pull up next to Aria in the rain and open his car door, and the store sign right above Aria's head is Hardware Keyes, but a pole covers the letter ‘K’,leaving the word ‘EYES.
1.3 In episode 1.20, Aria texts Ezra about how she’s thinking of his EYES and wanting to be “looking into his them right now.”
1.4 Earlier in episode 1.02, when Aria hands inher declined transfer note to Ezra, the song playing in the background is Jack & Jill by Kim Richey featuring the line “pretty as a summer rose” which could easily be mistaken for “pretty EYES.”2. In episode 1.04, the liars catch that Missing poster of Alison’s with the “Ding Dong” message on it, just as Ezra is riding past on his bicycle.
3. Also in episode 1.04, Ella received a typewrittenletter from A - we’ve been shown a shot of Ezra’s typewriter three times – twice in season 1, and again in episode 2.02. 
4. In episode 2.01, when Aria went to Ezra's apartment to grill him...
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