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in the next report will talk about Christopher Columbus and how he embarked on trips to find new land and experience. giving them to know howthe thing came and found him in those places

The story begins with the arrival of Columbus on October 21 on an island in which Arriva andlanded. then seeks to find a house which was furnished and realized that the island was only because the inhabitants had fled the terror.
beinginvestigated in that place they met they nuna beauty things they had seen among them are the trees, the sound of birds, the lakes are so fondof them that did not want to go there so beautiful. was both the wonder of that place them into a snake killed, another thing esque said therewas abundant enough aloe stick and was very good gain lead of that suit their fruit as it was very valuable to some people. Then they met theIndians to whom he offered brilliant things to bring them toward being able to thing that the Indians possessed a see what they have wanted toreturn after they went but they did not waste time so look at the nearby islands .
that was the way to take away the thing they were unknown tothe indigenous objects in exchange for the things they had

the conquerors took possession of the land and the beauty that possessed thisplace and change that the Indians gave them shiny things to keep them that way so they can controlled all the resources priest possessed that place
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