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1. Ce que nous enseignent les oiseaux
pron pron S verb art noun

 What Birds Can Teach Us
Pron noun auxverb pron

• Verbs in French are conjugated in every person that they are.
• There are articles that take place in the different that they are
• The end ¨aux¨ in French, doesn´t exist inEnglish that means plural.

2. “ OBSERVEZ attentivement les oiseaux du ciel,
Verb adverb art noun art noun

Verb .adv art noun prepnoun
 "OBSERVE intently the birds of heaven

• Verbs in French are conjugated in every person that they are,in this case is conjugated in the 2º person of the plural without a subject.
• The article ¨du¨ in French in the contraction with the articles ¨de le¨, because in French is wrong to say that, thecorrect word is ¨du¨

3. Parce qu’ils ne sèment, ni ne moissonnent, ni ne ramassent dans des magasins ;
Conec pro. neg verb. Neg verb neg verb conjart noun

Conj pron aux adv verb noun. conj verb. .conj verb .prep.
 Because they do not sow seed or reap or gather into storehouses;Noun

• In French the words that finish with a vowel and the other one who is next start with a vowel too, the first vowel have to quit off that vowel and put a quote before the word that start witha vowel
• In French the words ¨ni ne¨ means choice in French are two words but in English is just only one ¨or¨

4. Ses disciples n’étaient pas les seuls à l’écouter.
Det nounverb neg art noun prep verb

 His audience was not limited to his followers
Pron noun verb adv verb pre pron noun

• In French the negation is complemented by a...
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