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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2011
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“just 1 click makes the difference”
* Good morning my name is isabel from grade 9 from Puebla and im here today to talk about an important subject but more than a subject is a problem ………Facebook are all my reall friends ?
* Most of the teenagers know what Facebook is but lets be realístic I bet you have heard like a million times from others ¿what Facebook is?whats the function ofbeing using it you can spend minutes even hours explaining your parents what Factbook is and they will still be wondering what your talking about even if they pretend or seem to be understanding with thesmile on the face .browsing thruogh Facebook is wasting time looking Pictures from others ,posting and other hanging things
* How can we get a better society if our comunication that we use tohave face to face is being lost a very good example is the device most requested and yes thats the blackberry .it had become an obsession and keep you , away from your partner and even from closestclosest friends
* Have you think about how was the communication few years ago when facebook, twitter,messenger,my space even high five didn’t exist ? the question is if the teenagers can have anormal communication without thinking I need to get home to check whats new in facebook because that is actually what we do or to be thinking what am I going to tweet today ? .
* And the answeris no we are dependent of the technology .
* If we think are all my friends from facebook the same from reall live ?maybe yes but that’s the problem caused by the kindnapping once you acceptedsomeone you don’t know you are giving them the opportunity to be stolked by someone and to know every step you move right ? but lets put it in this way : facebook is good if you know how to use itwhen you create your account for the first time you became the happiest teen ever you have fun uploading pictures ,videos and all the memories you want to rembember in the websit also is incredible how...
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