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The Omega Factor (a.k.a. The Ωmega Factor as the title is presented on screen) is a British television series produced by BBC Scotland in 1979. It was created by Jack Gerson and produced by GeorgeGallaccio, and transmitted in ten weekly episodes between 13 June and 15 August.
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The series concerns journalist Tom Crane (James Hazeldine), who finds that he possesses psychic powers which in turn bring him to the attention of the team of scientists who comprise Department7, a secret "need to know only" government off-shoot investigating paranormal phenomena and the potential of the human mind. The phenomena explored include hypnosis, brainwashing, extra-sensoryperception, telekinesis, poltergeist phenomena, out-of-body experiences and spiritual possession.

Tom Crane (left) and Drexel (right)
Crane joins Department 7 as a means of finding and revenging himselfon Edward Drexel (Cyril Luckham), a powerful rogue psychic who is in part responsible for the death of Crane's wife in an automobile accident. His work with the department, and his own psychic gift,lead Crane to suspect a deadly conspiracy by a mysterious organisation called Omega to take over the world using mind control. The members of Department 7 include physicist Dr. Anne Reynolds (LouiseJameson), an old friend of Crane's wife; and the shady head of the department, psychiatrist Dr Roy Martindale (John Carlisle). Most episodes see the driven and impetuous Crane in impatient conflictwith the cautious and secretive Martindale, with Anne (who falls in love with Crane, though she also has a brief relationship with Martindale) caught in the middle. Various subplots develop over thecourse of the series - notably Crane's hunt for Drexel, his growing suspicions about the Omega conspiracy and his developing relationship with Anne.
Only lasting for one series of ten episodes, The...
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