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Jim: we re going to find these caves , Stella! Are you
Coming with us , Nikos?
Stella: but jim …
Nikos. Yes, yes, i`m coming with you. You can stay
With me at my mothers house near Knossos.
Jim: good .were going to need a lot of things.
Lights. And food and water. And we need..
Nikos: yes, but its ok. I can get everything
Stella: jim,the caves are dangerous
Jim yes but nikos knows alot about caves.
Nikos yes ,Ido. And I know3 the palace of Knossos very well. Don it forget…..I work there!
Stella but do you know these caves under Knossos?
Nikos no,I don`t but we`re going to be careful.
Stella oh ,all right. When are we going?
Yim tomorrow!
Sometimes there are lights in these halls..and music. The people from the palace come down here. They are small,quick people, withdark eyes and dark hair. They dring lights, and food,and water…..and they dance of the god. They are the god`s people.
No.no, I forget…. They do not come now.these hall are quiet…. Dark and quiet. It is always night now.there is no music, no dancing.there are no people in the palace now.
…not after the fire and the water from the sea. They are dead… all dead .and we, aketa and I,. SIT IN THE HALLOF THE GOD.WE WAIT AND WE WATCH. WE ARE THE GOD`S WATCHER.
2 the first day
Al the palace of Knossos.it seven o`clock in the morning. Nikos is looking for the door to the door to the caves. Jim and stella are waiting for him. The sun is hot.
STELLA I`mthirsty. I`m going to dring some water.
JIM don’t`t drink a lot. We needit in the caves.
STELLA have we got everything?
JIM I think so. The bags are very heavy.
NIKOS jim!stella! the door`s here! Come on, we can go down now.

NIKOS be careful!
JIM it`s very dark.I can`t see anything.
STELLA hare, hold this light. We need all the lights now.
NIKOS walk slowly. And be very careful.
JIM yes, I know!

JIM how many caves are there? Thisis the tenth cave now.
NIKOS I can see another one in front us.A long one.
STELLA I`m tired .I don`t want to look at any more caves today.

JIM how about some food? I`m hungry.
NIKOS jes, let`s eat something.and we can stay here for the night.
Stella good! Where`s the bag? The food is in there.
JIM how old are these caves, nikos?
Stella do many people, no. only the old greekgods. The gos Poseidon lives in caves, some people say.
JIM the god Poseidon!there are no old gods in these caves.
STELLA how do you know, jim?
JIM the old greek gods are only stories. You read adout them in books. They`re not important today.
NIKOS oh yes, they are. Don`t laugh at them. And Poseidon isa dangerous god of the sea, and the god of earthquqkers, too. We have a lot ofearthquakes in Greece. Don`t forget that.
JIM ho nooks! That`s silly! The god of earthquakes?everybody knows that earthquakes…..
STELLA no, jim. Nikos is right.we don`t understand everything. And don`t laugh at Poseidon…. Not here in these caves.
The years come. And the years go 3000 years. My sister aketa and I sit… and wait. It is dark and cold in the hall of the god. The sun nevershines here.
Sometimes people come to these halls. They are not the god`s people. They look for gold, only gold . and poseidon is angry.it is the gold of his people… and now it is the god`s gols, because his people are dead. Nobody can take the god`s gold, or look at the gold face of the god…and live.
But there are no lights, no people now. Only the god Poseidon stands here in this dark hall-god of the blue sea , gos of the green sea, god of this dark hall.
We are his watchers.
3 dia
JIM wake up, stella. Good morning. nikos!
Stella morning? it`s always night in these caves1WHAT`S THE TIME?
JIM seven o`clock .are we going on…or bark? What do you think, nikos?
NIKOS Mmmm. i don`t know many caves are there? Fifteen? Twenty?...
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