Fairy oak

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The Fairy Oak

1) Where I bought my
Fairy Oak collection

3) My favorite book

4) Differences between
the Fairy Oak collection
other books I readFairy Oak

1)The Fairy Oak

The fairy Oak collection has seven different books. The person who wrote them is Elisabetta Gnone. These books make two legends. But I haveonly four of them. I have got two books from one of the legends and two books from the other legend. I am trying to find the other three books. One of the book seller’s I asked, told me that thepublishing company have been sold, and they were not printing copies of those books yet.

2)Where I bought my
Fairy Oak collection

I bought my first, second and third books of thecollection in Cuspide, a book shop in Pilar, two days before going on my last vacation. My father found the fourth one at The Ateneo, a book shop in Capital Federal.

3) My favorite book

Myfavorite one is the first, “The Twin`s Secret” because I discovered the magic world of Fairy Oak. This book is about a town that is called Fairy Oak. There live two twins, Vainilla and Pervinca. Theyhave some friends like Flox, Grisam, Feli, Shirley and Roble. They live a lot of adventures, there are two kind of wizards the “light wizard” and the “darkness wizard” They have to escape from aperson called The Terrible twenty One, a very mean person.

4) Differences between
the Fairy Oak collection from
other books I read

I liked these books because they are not boringas the ones they gave us to read at school, they are full of adventures, interesting characters, and different situations.

Questions to ask to the teacher

Have you ever heard fromElisabetta Gnone?

Which was your favorite book when you were about my age?

What was that book about?

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