Fairy soap

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  • Publicado : 5 de febrero de 2011
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A pleasure for toilet and bath. Made by expert soap makers who convert choicest materials into a true soap which is unsurpassed for use on what is more delicate than the finest fabric –the human skin.
Have you a little fairy in your home.

Have you a little Fairy in your home!
Join us in a land of fairy. Buy Fairy soap. It’s your ticket to fairy land.
Enter a world of beauty andimagination.
If you don’t have it you’ll miss it.
Bring some fairy in you bath.

Lovely scents abound in everything The Soap Fairy makes...handcrafted soaps... all natural, all crafted by hand...to appeal to the eye and the fingertips, just as they do to the nose.
Fragrant beauty flourishes in every product The Soap Fairy offers. They're all made from scratch, from the highest-qualityingredients available—food grade oils, natural herbal essential oils, luxuriant floral essences. We never use off-the-shelf compounds, bases or additives. And because we're vegetarians, all of our productsare animal-friendly and never contain animal fats.
Painstaking care distinguishes everything we do, because we do it all by hand—from mixing and blending to curing and packaging. We want our soapsto be among the finest available anywhere, at any price. We want you to feel pampered while using them...and thrilled by their soothing, smoothing effect on your skin.
You can visit our site and youwill find :

From clean, classic Lavender to exotic black orchid …from the authentic orange grove ambience of Neroli to the intriguing mix of masculine and feminine in Rose Geranium…from thecomfort of Oatmeal to the mystery of Black Orchid…these are soaps full of beauty -in their look, in their feel…and in the way you'll look and feel.
Soap Fairy Gold!
We've always put all natural, raw sheabutter in everything we make. We believe it makes a huge difference to your skin. So when pressed to make an even better soap, it seemed only natural to double the shea butter. The outcome? Soap...