Fake smiles & sweets

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  • Publicado : 22 de febrero de 2012
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It wasn’t that long ago, I could say a few months back. I’ve always hated going there, ever since I was younger. The office full of fake forced smiles, those hypocrites. Old literature insulting mypresence, the lady greeted me with one of their fake smiles I looked at her and smiled back, again what hypocrisy and I sat down and waited. I waited for some time observing everything around me andmostly just hating every second I sat there.
My name was called, it was all routine for the best part, this wasn’t the actual moment of truth she just wanted to check if my information was still thesame. She wrote, she verified and told me to sit back down while giving me another one of her fake smiles.
I sat back down angrier than before and hating this place to the fullest. I started to thinkof possible excuses to leave while I still could, but at that moment while I was thinking of the perfect one, I saw him, the man whom I had avoided successfully for six years stood in front of an opendoor and called my name.
I stood up and walked towards him, what else could I have done, when the opportunity to leave, had vanished the moment I had smiled back at the woman when she greeted me withher fake smile. I went through the door and walked the dreaded passageway towards the room with The Chair. I sat down looking at his expressions, trying to decipher the evil plans this man had inmind, he smiled, another fake smile and asked me how I was doing. I responded to his little interview all the while angry at his smirk and twisted mind. It was when he finished and got out his tools thatmy nervousness got more serious. I asked if it would hurt, he told me to stay still and not to talk. I let him do his sick procedures and when he finished, gave him an angry glance, I stood up andleft the room with The Chair. Before I left he gave me a sweet, what irony. I left the passage and returned to the lady at the front. Another fake smile, “So Stephanie, see you in six months?”. I just...
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