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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2010
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Andrea CAROLINA Gonzalez Villarreal

Expository essay
Theme: Atheism
Thesis: Characteristics of theatheism in the modern world.
Introduction: Atheism is seen as a personal belief that says or indicates that there is no god or gods, magic, ghosts or any other deity oftenapplying science to demonstrate that they don´t exist.
Atheism was a word from the Greeks that was used to people who didn´t worship their gods, later the first use of atheism wasused in the beginnings of the 18th century as a term to describe as not believing in gods, mainly in the catholic god.
Topic Sentence 1: Atheists tend to lean towardskepticism regarding supernatural claims, citing a lack of empirical evidence. Atheists have offered several rationales for not believing in any deity. These include the problem ofevil, the argument from inconsistent revelations, and the argument from nonbelief.
Topic Sentence 2: There are 2 different levels of atheism Implicit and Explicit. Implicit isborn without a knowledge of a religion, and explicit is confirm your atheism with “proofs”.
Topic Sentence 3: Atheism has been criticized by modern religions as lack offeelings, hard heart and cold soul. Atheism also criticizes modern religions for being stupid as they don´t care for resolving mysteries and just gave a simple solution.Conclusion: Atheism is a belief and therefore it is not necessary truth, atheism has made some thesis for proving the inexistence of god, but this thesis had been refuted by others.This just proves that believes is within each human being. These are cultures of the mankind that make up our world and maybe some day we will be able to prove which is right.
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