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  • Publicado : 8 de febrero de 2012
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Family and personal history
I am not going to say that I had a happy personal history over my parents but I know that I had loving parents that cares about me. The life changed when my parents moved to Tanzania from Burundi because of the war of 1972. My parents divorced when I was about 10 years old. My brother and I stayed with my dad while my mom went with my little sister and lived with mygrandparents.
It was a war of Hutu and Tutsi in 1972, and so my parents flew to Tanzania but in the camp. The life in the new country was hard; they had ME in their way to Tanzania so it got even harder. When I was around 6 years old, I would work at home and go to school while my mom would wake up early morning around 6am to go plant or see where he planted the food so we can have benefits over thesummer where things usually get complicated. My mom would plant corn, beans, and potatoes over the summer and she would wake up every morning to go see how her food was doing and try to do the best she could to help it so we can get the benefits over the next summer. While my mom does that, my dad would stay in the house and iron other people’s clothes for money. My job was to go to school in themorning and come back home at lunch and take care my siblings. I would cook their lunch and dinner. My mom didn’t do much to help my mom and he didn’t much to help me either. He would spank me if I had done something wrong or if he thinks that things weren’t going his way. Even though he irons the clothes, we could never get to touch or to even see the money that he had worked for, even my mom. Ican tell you that my mom was the one who was doing the job the whole time while my dad stay at home and use the money and go in the bar and drink with his friends. It was like he was never married. When the food grows in the summer, my dad would get the food and sell them and get the money for his drinks. My mom was always mad but there wasn’t anything she could’ve done and so she just everythinggo. If my mom tried to speak against my dad by telling him that what his doing was wrong, he would start hitting my mom. We could always see the feeling in my mom face saying, “Why did I marry this monster?”
My mom was Jehovah Witness and she could go talk about God but my dad wasn’t. So in church, they asked my mom if she had the documents asking if she was married to my dad. She had to havedocuments saying that she was married to my dad so she can continue the job she was doing by telling people about God or otherwise we was going to be banned from being a pioneer. So in 2003, my mom and dad got married and got the documents but from my perspective, I don’t think my mom was happy about it because the problems and the troubles she has seen from my dad. So from then, they lived togetheruntil 2006 when my mom got tired of everything he has seen from him n he divorced him. My little brother and I stayed with my dad, while my mom went with my other sister and lived with my grandparents. My brother and I would get hit with the stick each and every day from my dad and we would go to visit my mom in the weekends by hiding and when we get there, she would say that we got skinnier andour skins were turning into something else because we could barely get food to eat from my dad. My mom came back about 6 months after because she couldn’t handle seeing us changing in front of her. So she came back to live with my dad but the situation was the same. So people were moving back to their countries and my mom decided to stay in Tanzania because she didn’t know where she would live ifshe would’ve went in Burundi. So my dad went to Burundi to get a land where he could built a house we would live in. Somehow luckily, there were some people who came to Tanzania to see people who flew in 1972 and asked them questions (more like interviews). So they would ask questions for about a month and so and whoever passed it would come to United States. My mom was very happy when she heard...
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