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Natalie Dylan is a women of 22 years from California and she is recognized in all the world because of the unusual offer that she is doing, she is selling her virginity andshe is waiting for the best man that can offer much money and can be polite and has respect to her this notice did controversy in all the medias and the world

Natalie isoffering her virginity to pay the university and she has to prove to the medias that she has the virginity and that she didn’t want to steal money and she says this in aTV program "I do not think offering my virginity will solve all my problems but at least get some economic stability,"

Some people has criticized her like saying sentenceslike this or asking questions like "This isn’t prostitution I feel sorry about our society” said a teacher of one
university of the united states of America and sheanswer to them . "We live in a capitalist society. Why I can not capitalize on my virginity?"

Her friends try to save her integrity but the only persons that support her areher mother and her sister because of they think that she is big and she should do whit her life whatever she wants and because of the sister has did that but they also saidthat she will need to have care due to the bad people in the world that can do pornography whit her virginity or something like that .

Finally Ashley accepted the moneyoffers and started to work to different xxx magazines in USA she also say “I certenaly don’t want money but its necessary”She started to life whit her boyfriend that acceptedwhat she did because of the economical problems but he said to her that this will not happen again after that Ashley her real name life good studing and being famous.
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