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Reichstag (famous places)

My place is the Reichstag building in Berlin with a volume 400,000 cubic meters the building was used until as a forum of German history, for exhibitions and conferencesuntil, when it was severely damaged in a fire supposedly set by a Dutch communist
For the reconstruction of the Reichstag.

The great dome of glass and steel has already become a new symbol ofBerlin. The interior contains works by important painters and sculptors.
The artistic works is perhaps most notable oratory designed and built by Günter vecker a place of meditation for parliamentary.Flag

The current tricolor flag of Germany is there fore consists of there equal horizontal stripes of “black, red and gold (in German Schwarz-rot-gold”). It was adopted on May the federalrepublic of Germany.

The German flag was not always black, red and gold after the austro-prussian war of 1866. The north German federation adopted a tricolor black, white and red. This flag later becomethe banner of the German empire formed after German

• This is the flag of Germany
• It has 3 colors
• It colors are aggressive
• It has 3 horizontal bands
• The first coloris black
• The second color is red
• The third color is yellow
• The black band is above the red band and golden bands
• The red band is between the golden and black bands
•Those are the combination of the colors of semi-official coat of arms of the holy roman empire.

Museum island (Famous Place)

This place is a historic area in the city of berlin ,is inthe middle of the south of the island fischerinsel , that is on the river spreren in the center of the city

This island has five museum
1 oldmuseum------it’s the first public museum of prussian 2new museum
These are: 3old national gallery