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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2012
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I have sealed her life calling her in a fake voice "a friend". I smashed up her life and stole her boyfriend already, her feelings are dead, but not her soul...I hope she died. I usedher for my own benefice...just for fun, like a toy. -evil laugh-

-Ashley's pov-
I am so tired of this....I believe I should let it go...but I just...I just can't...thatgirl...this...Helena...It's making my life impossible...and the worst of all...she was my best a sister to me, or at least, that was I think...

All of this began in the high school, she goes to themall with me all the weekends, and we talk for what it seems the eternity, but all of this was fake and stupid lie...I think sometimes, does she even had a soul?

-August 28, Helena's final day--Ashley- I was walking out of my classes, that day I avoid Helena's eyes the most I can but she caught me outside and hit me telling me all kind of horrible that moment I felt likeshe wasn't human...--

-Helena- come on bitch why don’t you die already?!
-I look her- what did I do to make you like this? we used to be frie... -she cuts me with an evil smile-
-Helena- Iwas just using you for my own. I don't want to see your face anymore.
-when she turns around to leave, just in the moment she started to cross the street, a car hit her and immediately I called911, Helena woke up in the hospital barely alive, I was at her side and the doctors told me she wouldn’t survive, she only told me "why? you.." then she passed away, my answer was "becauseI still believe you are like a sister to me"-

-Helena's final pov-
I can't believe I am in here...watching my dead body lying in that bed, with her on my side telling me that...Ijust wanted her dead, I was just hurting and using her, and she still…is telling me sister?.... now the only dead girl here it's me and my soul is waiting in this dark place to be judge....
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