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Science of Life Explorations

Celebrate the Growing Year: The Farmer’s Year

A Farmer’s Year
While you are in school or on a vacation, farmers are working hard to provide us with the foods weeat and the products we use.

What would the world be like without farms? Name three three foods raised on a farm that you would miss: 1. 2. 3. Would you be able to raise any of those foods yourself?Explain why or why not.

In spring, the leaves appear on the trees, the grass grows green, flowers begin to bloom, and many animals are taking care of their newborn OFFSPRING. This isa busy season for farmers. In March, once the weather warms up, farmers begin to prepare the soil for planting. In April and May the fields are planted with the seeds of crops such as corn, carrots,cabbage, lettuce, and potatoes. These crops may be ready for harvest in only a month or not until many months later. Farm animals are let out into the pastures and pens when it is warm enough. Matchthe animal name with the name of its OFFSPRING: Sheep Pigs Cattle Goats lambs calves kids piglets

Farmers have to take extra care of the newborns and their mothers until they are strong enough to beon their own in the pasture or barn. Chickens begin to lay more eggs as the temperature warms up. Also in spring, farmers clean out their barns and other farm buildings and organize them for thesummer. Name three crops that are planted in the spring: ______________________ ___________________________________________________________ What does the farmer do with the animals?__________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Chickens _____________________________ as the temperature warms up. Summer
Many people relax during the summer months but life on the farm only gets busier! In June, sheep are SHEARED. Their wool is cleaned, combed and spun into yarn. The yarn is used to create fabric...
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