Fascism en v de venganza

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  • Publicado : 5 de octubre de 2010
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By: María Zuleta

At first, when you start reading the comic book, its very confusing. It start form nowhere, just a simple superhero comic,when is starts developing, the reader starts getting that this is not just a simple comic book, it has more than that, and it includes de government and the point of view of it. V represents a villain,that is against the government, and to prove it, he starts doing all kinds of disasters around the city, killing people, putting on fire many public places, and killing people once again. Also, herepresents vengeance, he wants to take over the people who had been bad to him in the past, making them suffer the way he did.

At fist the dialogues are confusing between the different characters ofthe book, it is like if the book was about different stories and that they never join but then it starts getting a shape and the reader begins joining all the stories to figure out at the end the realmeaning of the book. At the beginning the reader doesn’t pay a lot of attention to the dialogues between the character, then they start making sense and also to show the reader the real meaning ofthe book.

One of the character called Finch says a quote: “If our own government was responsible for the deaths of almost a hundred thousand people... would you really want to know?” starting toshow the point of view of the author, he his against the government and states it clearly in the quote above.

Another clear point of view is showed in the quote Evey says: “God is in the rain...”which means that there are no gods, or no masters, stating here the anarchism slogan. “No gods, no masters” making allusion to the anarchism ideologies. Giving the reader another clear view that the bookis not just a comic book but that it has another purpose, to make the reader understand the anarchism and fascism ideals, representing them with characters and quotes.

In my point of view the...
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