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Mr Sherlock Holmes
1 Who is telling the story?
Doctor Watson is telling this story.
2. What is Sherlock Holmes’ address?
Sherlock Holmes lives at 221B Baker Street, in the middle of London.
3. Why had Dr. Mortimer come to visit Holmes?
Dr. Montimer visited to Sherlock Holmes because Montimer had a strange story to tell Holmes.

The Curse of theBaskervilles
1. Where does Dr. Mortimer live?
Dr. Mortimer lives on Dartmoor.
2. Who was Sir Charles Baskerville?
Sir Charles Baskervilles was the owner of the big house on Dartmoor.
3. What happened to Sir Charles?
He had fear for the story of the Curse of the Baskervilles.
4. Tell the story of the Curse of the Hound of the Baskervilles.
Sir Hugo was aperson from Baskerville’s family. He drank with a gang of wild friends. Hugo liked the daughter of the farmer. The farmer told his daughter to stay away from his farm. Hugo and his friends caught the poor girl and they went to Hugo’s gang. In the gang, the girl was in a room. After, she opened the window and she escaped. Hugo and his friends went to caught the girl with his horses. They stoppedbecause there are pack of wild dogs for hunting and they went to his home. In the night, Hugo heard a sound. The sound was a huge black dog. After, the huge black dog jumped on Hugo and killed him. Since that time, many or the sons of the Baskerville family have died while they were young. Many of them have died strangely.
5. Did Sherlock Holmes believe this story?
No, he didn’t.6. Where had Dr Mortimer found Sir Charles’ body?
Dr. Mortimer had found Sir Charles’s body on London on the edge of the moor.
7. Dr Mortimer found many footprints on the ground.
How had these footprints been made?
These footprints were of a gigantic hound.

The Problem
1. What had happened of the footprints?
The footprints were of Charles.His footprints changed because he ran to his home.

2. How did Dr. Mortimer know Sir Charles had waited by the wooden gate?
Dr. Mortimer know Sir Charles had waited by the wooden gate because he saw the white cigar ash on the ground.
3. Dr. Mortimer is meeting Sir Henry Baskerville.
a) Who is he?
He is Sir Charles’ nephew
b) Where is he meeting him?They met at Waterloo Station.
c) Where has he been living?
He lives in Canada.
4. Where did Sherlock Holmes tell Dr. Mortimer to stay that night.
Sherlock Holmes tell Dr. Mortimer to stay that night in London.
5. What did Sherlock Holmes tell Dr. Mortimer to do the next day?
Sherlock Holmes tell Dr. Mortimer to come and see he again the nextday.
6. ‘There are three questions,’ said Holmes. What are the three questions?
Holmes said… What is the crime? Who did it? How was it done?

Sir Henry Baskerville
1 How old was Sir Henry?
Sir Henry was about thirty years old.
2 Sir Henry had received a letter that morning. Describe the letter and say why it wasunusual.
The letter titled “ Your life is in danger keep away from the moor”. The letter was unusual because was in The Times newspaper.
3 What strange thing had happened when Sir Henry was in his hotel bedroom?
Someone has stolen one of his boots at the hotel.
4 ‘Quick, Watson, we must follow him.’
(a) Who did Holmes and Watson follow?They follow Sir Henry and Dr. Mortimer.
(b) Why did they follow him?
Because retrieve the boots
5. Who sent the letter to Sir Henry Baskerville?
A man with a black beard.

The Stolen Boot
1. Why was Sir Henry angry at lunch?
Because someone stole other of his boots.
2. Why did Holmes think it...
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