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Chronology and evolution of rock and the head bangers

Rock music has its roots in the era of rock and roll and rockabilly of the 1950s. In the mid-1960s, rock music was combined with folk music tocreate folk rock, with embolus to create blues rock and jazz to create jazz-rock fusion, and without a time stamp to create psychedelic rock. In the 1970s, rock incorporated influences from soul,funk, and Latin music. Also in the 1970s, rock developed a number of subgenres, such as soft rock, hard rock, progressive rock, heavy metal and punk. The subgenres of rock of the 1980include the newwave, new romantic, glam rock, synth-pop, hardcore punk, alternative rock, thrash metal and speed metal. The subgenres of rock of the 1990 includeelgrunge, Britpop, indie rock, piano rock. Here are some ofthe most importantmoments in the evolution of the genre in chronological order:


Elvis Presley.
♣ 1954, an unknown young man named Elvis Presley recorded the song That's All Right Mama,which according to Rolling Stone is the first song of rock and roll history, Elvis did not initially reach a large audience. It was in 1956 when Elvis phenomenon beginsand with it the phenomenonof rock and roll, pelvic movements, dancing, good looks and versatile voice, do get Elvis to the top of popular music, being called, The king or king ofrock androll. 50 years
population. 50 years
♣ popularization of large-scale rock. 50 years
song "American Pie". Years50.

The Beatles.
♣ arise Beatles and the Rolling Stones called British Invasion, The Kinks, Small Faces, The Who, The Yardbirds, TheAnimals. Born movementpushestime mod led by several of these groups. Early to mid 60's.
♣ In the United States initiated the so-called "surf rock" genre which are the Beach Boysits greatest exponents, with catchymelodies and lyrics that spoke of the beach lifestyleand carefree wealthy youth.
♣ Bob Dylan uses the electric guitar based folk songs, creating folk rock. I would Byrds, Simon and...
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