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What Does alcohol mean? Is really alcohol harmful For the life of men? Or is just another reason to celebrate our happy times… This is something how hasacquired leadership in our days.

Alcohol is a drink invented by our predecessors and, now this days, in our country Colombia more than the 20% of the populationdrinks, has drunk and have been drunk any time.
The reason is simple: It’s the best company for celebration’s times!. This drink who covers the most popular alcoholicbeverage like beer, whisky, wine, aguardiente, etc. it’s a popular vice not just in Colombia, but every country of the world. The problem here is if the alcohol letto be just a drink for celebrate or enjoy times and it begins to be a problem in the life of some people that cannot control their drinking habits. The most typicaleffect of alcohol is get drunk the people who consume it. But some people, have complicated their lifes with this vice ‘cause some of them who drink alcohol often orsometimes, cause troubles when they are drunk.

What does it mean? Is simple: A man who can’t drink a cup of wine without have trouble with other person, family, orother reasons…

This vice is clearly controllable so the best way to enjoy life including alcohol is drinking some times, notr often and sure never always! Becausethis could injure organism with the pass of years and converts a person into an alcoholic. Actually there are many organizations like AA around the world who work tohelp alcoholics to leave for ever this vice. So… If you are gonna to drink this Friday or Saturday, please do it with caution!

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