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Movie. I was in Cam’s house watching a movie. We’re seeing She’s the man while we were eating popcorn and chocolates. I just love days like those. Friday was my favorite day of the week and it couldn’t be more perfect. I love hanging out with Cam, talking about random stuff, like crushes.

“C’mon. tell me that your crush is my brother?”- I asked her because I was dying to know the truth.

“Heis hot and he understands me, you know? It’s just that I’m not sure if I’m over Edward”

“Cam, I know that my brother isn’t the best guy for you but at least he is better than Edward. He is a jerk”

“I know, but there’s something about him that drives me crazy”- I knew this conversation was hopeless. The more Edward treated her bad the more she liked him.

“And you, T? Have you talked toScott lately?”- If she only knew that almost every day I talked to him, but when we talked it’s magical for me. And well, what could I say; I just love when he looks me in the eyes. I just adore when his hazel/deep/perfect/addictive eyes meet mine.

“No”- I preferred to lie, because I had more important things to tell her.” But I’ll meet Ryan tomorrow for the Warped Tour”

“You what??!!”- shequestioned me with her creepiest tone.

“Yes, I mean, it’s the Tour. I couldn’t say no.”

“You are so dead, you know that?”

“ No, because I’ll tell my mom I’ll sleepover at Kate’s”

“If you are gonna lie, tell them you’ll be at my place”

“Wouldn’t it be so obvious?”

“I’ll tell your mom that my parents are off the city and I don’t want to be alone”


Cam convinced my mom,but my mother told her that she must stay today at our house. Cam didn’t think it twice, she definitely accepted. She was packing her stuff when I got a call from Alex. He was coming for us to take us to my house. When he arrived, Cam was ready, so we went downstairs.

I didn’t see coming that my brother will come with company. And it was his best company, Scott. We were in the car and he wasdriving towards our house. But I guess he had a better idea.

“Hey girls wanna go to the movies with us?”- Alex invited us. (well, the question was for Camille actually).

“My mom wants us at home”- I told him, but I knew Cam was dying to go.”But if you call her, we are in”- I finished with a big smile in my face. Alex changed the route of our trip, he headed to the movies.

Do you know thatgentlemen still exist? It’s true, even my brother acted like one that day. We were about to buy our tickets when Alex decided to pay mine and Cam’s. And for some strange reason Scott paid mine. We sat in this particular order: Alex, Cam, me and then Scott. I think that was the most awkward moment in my entire life, I mean, it was good seeing Cam happy and my brother too, (and I was next to Scott),but Alex chose the worst movie even. He chose Brüno. Have you seen movies with some porno? Yes, maybe we have, but have you seen porno movies with guys? And just guys, with your brother and the guy you’re obsessed with his eyes. I couldn’t take any more, so I told Cam I need to go to the bathroom and I need some candies. I walked a few steps when a heard his voice.

“I’ll go with you” Scott saidto me, which was a thing that I didn’t expect.

He walked next to next to me. I gave myself the chance of study him. He was wearing a black v-neck shirt (you could he his built body), jeans and Puma red tennis. I walked to the bathroom and hesitated. I barely stopped, but I continued. I look myself in the mirror. My hair was held in a pony tail, so I took the rubber off. I put some lip stickand I walked out. Scott was there, sitting in the bench, waiting for me. He realized that I was standing and he smiled at me.

“Let’s go for your candies” he told me while I laughed. When he said such thing, he made me feel like a little girl.

“Yes, dad” I replied to him. “Just so you know, I’m fifteen but I love candies”

“I know, and I love candies too”

He is just perfect. He loves...
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