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Andrea Gómez Droege
World Theatre III
Professor: Kelly Aliano

Federico García Lorca and his 1927 generation
“The theatre is poetry that is out of the book to be human” (F.G. Lorca).
Garcia Lorca was one of the great masters of the Spanish literature of the 20th century. Its versatility ranges from poetry to the theater through the prose andpainting. Spain was his passion and literature the means of worship.
Federico García Lorca, one of the geniuses of the generation of 27, was born in Fuentevaqueros, province of Granada, on June 5, 1898. After obtaining Bachelor he forms part of the artistic centre of Granada and also began to study arts and law at the University of Granada. It is here where begins to take an interest in music (hisfirst artistic vocation) and he meets Manuel de Falla, The musician will become benchmark for the young writer and will allow him to learn more deeply about popular music, from which will emerge poems which investigated the roots and codify a fundamental concept in Lorca: El Jondo (concept that is related with the Spanish tradition). Result of this influence will also become a puppet theatre. Andit is in 1922 when he writes his first play for puppets "tragicomedy of Don Cristobal and the Señá Rosita"; together did the representation of various works for a group of children in a little theater of puppetry on García Lorca family home in Granada on January 6, 1923.
From Granada he parts to Madrid in 1919 advised by Fernando de los Ríos. There he installs in the Student Residence, directedby don Alberto Jiménez Fraud. He will get a place for the year 1919-1920, but since then and for 10 years, the Residence will be his place of reference in Madrid even when it is no longer resident. (1)
On October 1, 1910 opened its doors the Student Residence, created by the Board for expansion of scientific research and inspired by the free education institution. Under the direction of AlbertoJiménez Fraud the residence becomes the first cultural center of Spain in two decades. Known for being the House in which they lived and became friends Dalí, Lorca, and Buñuel, or for being the place in which explained his theories of Einstein, Curie or Le Corbusier, the success of the project of the residence was due to the way they understand education as an integral and active process thatencouraged dialogue among students and intellectuals and artists that frequented it and learning through experience and contact with nature. The peculiar atmosphere that characterized the residence, the talent of its key players and, above all, moral and intellectual project that sustained it, managed that between 1910 and 1939 the residence was one of the main centres of scientific and educationalmodernization of Spain. Live in the residence meant being able to listen to the best scientists and creators of the time in conferences, performances or concerts organized in his lounge, but also participate in guided visits to the Prado museum and other centres of art, or attend to theatrical releases or public readings that took place outside the residence. Sciences, music, performing arts,architecture, plastic arts, poetry... were part of daily life in the residence. They were not only present in the cultural programme open to the public, also in educational activities to residents, as well as the frequent social gatherings, informal meetings or performances that daily improvised in the lounge or on some of the rooms; in which Lorca was normally involved.
The contact with nature andsports (tennis, football, climbing, skiing, athletics, rugby and hockey) are promoted through the Organization of excursions or sports championships. Mattered not only the physical dimension, but their training possibilities: it was understood that the equipment and outdoor sports contributed to the development of body and mind, the character-building and the integration into the group. All this...
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