Female reproductive system

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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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Female Reproductive System

By: Katherine Cristina Cruz Aguilar 9-A


The functions of the external female reproductive system, are to allow sperm to go inside the body and to protectthe inner organs from infectious organisms.
The Funtions of the internal female reproductive system, is to carry the baby for nine months until labor, as well to allow women to have sexualintercourse.

The female reproductive system is made by several parts.
The Labia Majora, they protect the other external organs, they are fleshy and large as well as they have sweat andoil-secreting glands.
The Labia Minora, lay inside the Labia Majora, at the same time they surround the vagina and the urethra
The Bartholin’s Glands, these glands are for secreting fluids and are locatedaround the vaginal opening.
Clitoris, the Labia Minora meet in the clitoris, the clitoris is a small protrusion that is covered by a fold of skin. Also is very sensitive and can be extimulated andbecome erect like the penis.

In the internal structure we have, the vagina also known as the birth canal, it connects the cervix with the outside of the body.
The uterus is the home of thedeveloping fetus. The uterus has 2 structures, the cervix and the corpus. The corpus of the uterus can expand as the baby grows, and the cervix can expand until a 10 centimeters width to allow the baby topass through the canal.
The fallopian tubes, these tubes connect the ovaries with the uterus; as well they are the path the ovule goes through to get to the uterus if it is fertilized.
The ovariesare oval-shaped glands that produce hormones and eggs.
The female reproductive system produces 4 mayor hormones follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, estrogen, and progesterone.[pic]Women have menstruation, this takes about 28 days and is subdivided in 3 phases. The follicular phase, it starts on the first day of the cycle, as well as certain events.
“Two hormones,...