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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2011
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Since I was a little girl I took many classes related to Jewish people, it’s History and it’s country, Israel. For several years, the class issues were related with the History, the wars, themiracles, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, etc. After so much years of learning about this particular world History, I started to wonder why there were not so many stories and events in which women were theprotagonists.
The time passed and it was until 2 years ago that there was a class for a whole year dedicated to women in the Jewish History.
The class sounded pretty exciting and effectively, it wasexciting.
The course talked about many women among Jewish History, but the one that I liked and enjoyed the most was the History, life work and effort of Golda Meir.

Golda Meir was born in Ukraine andmoved to Wisconsin, USA, when she was 8 years old. Since that moment, she was known for helping and supporting the needed people.
While she was studying, she received education about the Zionism, whichis a Jewish political movement that has supported the self-determination of the Jewish in their own land. She always enjoyed this particular subject.
After a few years, she decided to move toIsrael. Once she was there, she was elected secretary of Moetzet HaPoalot (Working Women’s Council). Golda was involved in different activities and organizations. She did an excellent job in a lot of thingsrelated to the creation of the Jewish state, such as raising money, taking care of the new immigrants (among them, there were thousands of survivors of the Holocaust, whom did not have anythingleft).
Meir did many things for the State of Israel. Proof of this, is that she was one of the 54 people who signed the Declaration of Independence. She also was a member of the Knesset or IsraeliParlament; she served as the Minister of Labour, he became Foreign Minister.
The issue in Golda Meir’s life that surprises every person that learns about her is that she became the first women in...
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