Feral kids

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  • Publicado : 11 de octubre de 2010
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All the people have the natural ability to learn many things like walk, eat and talk among others, but the most important thing to learn isimitation (when we do all that are in our context). The principal stage to do it is when we are babies nevertheless exist cases in which some children don´t have theopportunity to take any contact with other person so they do not have a good acquisition of any ability because they have been estranged of their real life andthese children are called feral kids.
A feral child is a human child who has lived insulated from human contact. In reality, they lack the basic social skills whichare normally learned in the process of enculturation is often attributed to the existence of a critical period for language learning.

Feral children can besubdivided into 3 classes:
*Isolated children.
*Confined children
*Children raised by animals.

Talking about the last one (Children raised by animals),there is a particular and amazing case: the case of the wolf child, who was found into the Russia Jungle, the child lived with wolves around 10 years and when hewas found he had a wild aspect like an animal he could not speak since after that he only communicated with wolves. In fact, he learned to communicate with thewolves and started to eat and walk like they even their physical features are seminaries.
When the doctors tried to help him, he escaped of the hospital andactually he is lost.

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