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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2011
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The bacterias that affect the human being are many of them. The ones that are most see in human beings are: echericha coli (affects the blood and the urine), klebsiela (respiratoryproblems, produces ulcer), staphilococcos produces pneumonia, septicemia), enterecoco-faecalis infects ulcers, throat, and gastrointestinal systems. Also other bacterias could be transferred fromcountertops of bathrooms, the handle of the door, and the toilet. The project I chose to do is related to how bacterias are commonly transferred through dry cleaners of public bathrooms than papertowels. I chose the topic because I found it interesting how dry cleaners which transmit heat have more percentage of expanding more bacteria. It will be good to study it because we gained our knowledge ofwhat of these two products is more essential that can help us to release the diseases that can affect the humans.
My hypothesis is that the dry cleaner could have more bacteria than the paper towel.This could happen when the air is expulsed to the environment around it and grab bacterias than the environment itself has. In the paper towel the probability of transferring bacteria is much lessthan by dry cleaners. The risk of using dry cleaners is to exposed more diseases that can affect the humans.

Materials and Methods:

This research is based on an analysis of several studies onthe proliferation or growth of bacteria on hands electrical dried system (expulsion of hot air) vs. drying hands with paper towels. This data was obtained from information contained in Encyclopedia,biology books, medical book and several web sites.
The method they used for this research work was:
Grab one Q-tips and passed it through the places that are infected. I this case introduced theQ-tips through the conductor which the air passes. Next introduced it to the capsule of conservation, the examined it into laboratory and wait until 24 hours for the cultives before mentioned. When 48...
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