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I think I'm in a situation isn’t very favorable because of the condition of my grades, but I think it's because I have moved from Mexico City to Querétarohaving lived for my entire life there. And the idea of moving I think it wasn’t very clever because I don’t understand very much the system that this school hasso I think that affects my grades.

My family has had a small ranch for a very long time. I am someone who cannot stop doing things because I have alot of energy especially for the sports.

I’m some one that really like to go out with here friends, I’m nice, very happy and also very proud, I went acouple of summers ago to a family camp that is in san Luis Potosi and also I went to Miami to a tennis academy, trust in me, these activities have made megrown as a person day by day.

My brother, who spent a year in your school has told me how wonderful it is to spend a year with you, and how privileged heis comparing it with someone who hasn’t had that experience.

An other thing is that I'm a little sick of my dad because he is a little bit alcoholic soI think being with you a year could really make me focus on my goals for my life as a profesionist.

I personally consider myself a bright but a littlebit lazy child and that’s why in this great opportunity that I have to go with you I promise I will end with all kinds of laziness.

I think thedecision is in your hands but I would appreciate that you accept and I promise with all my heart that if I am accepted you will not regret having me in your school.
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