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by Lucy-fer in the sky with diamonds Mar 20, 2005 share this |
34. | Street Spirit (Fade Out) | 129 up, 9 down |
| buy street spirit (fade out) mugs, tshirts and magnetsMy favourite song byRadiohead. It's been my favourite for so many years now =)
Probably their most 'depressing' (for want of a better word) song. I'm gonna stop talking about it and let Thom Yorke say a little about hisown song.

With regards to Street Spirit:

"'Street Spirit' is our purest song, but I didn't write it.... It wrote itself. We were just its messengers... Its biological catalysts. Its core is acomplete mystery to me... and (pause) you know, I wouldn't ever try to write something that hopeless... All of our saddest songs have somewhere in them at least a glimmer of resolve... 'StreetSpirit' has no resolve... It is the dark tunnel without the light at the end. It represents all tragic emotion that is so hurtful that the sound of that melody is its only definition. We all have a way ofdealing with that song... It's called detachment... Especially me.. I detach my emotional radar from that song, or I couldn't play it... I'd crack. I'd break down on stage.. that's why its lyrics arejust a bunch of mini-stories or visual images as opposed to a cohesive explanation of its meaning... I used images set to the music that I thought would convey the emotional entirety of the lyric andmusic working together... That's what's meant by 'all these things are one to swallow whole'.. I meant the emotional entirety, because I didn't have it in me to articulate the emotion... (pause) I'dcrack.... Our fans are braver than I to let that song penetrate them, or maybe...more... by Lucy-fer in the sky with diamonds Mar 20, 2005 share this |
33. | DMB | 130 up, 80 down |
| buy dmbmugs, tshirts and magnetsyay =) they help me through a lot...dave matthews solo stuff too ...
hehe thanky to céaman for putting them on my computer and forcing me to listen =)DMB = *grins*
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