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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2011
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F: hey karla how are you?
K: i’m so happy today
F: that sounds good, but can i know why?
K: i’m goingo to travel to France
F: omg, that’s incredible!!
K: yes, i know it, I got a scholarship togo to study exchange.
F: hey your so lucky, I've been trying to get a  scholarship, but I could not get it.
K: oh, what a pitty!, but you have goods grates, maybe this time you get it!
F: i reallyhope that, and if the luck is with me, we going to live together in France!
K: jaja, i hope it too! I was waiting for this oportunity since 3 years ago, this is the best notice in my life.
F:hey, butdo you know speak french, right?
K: yes, i’m studied during the first grade of middle school, and actually I’m study again.
F: When i learn to speak French,you will be a grandma, and people will beliving under the ocean, jajaja
K:yes, and I will have traveled to the moon, jaja
F: changing the subject, after you live alone, you have learn how to take care of yourself, and realize that you arenot a child anymore.
K:i know it, Until I’m there, i’m going to appreciate my country.
F:if I’d been more ambitious when i was younger, I could have learned another language.
K: jajaja, amm i havea question for you, i have six months before travel to France, I want to make a lot of money, you know, to have a little economic support when i arrive there and get a job, so, i want to run abussines, i don't know what kind of bussines maybe a gift shop, or something that doesn't need much money to start, what do you think about it?

F: Well, before you start to think about run a bussinesyou have to realice what are you good for?, are you so charming like to be a salesperson, or so polite like to be a waitress or receptionist, i think you are so slender and beautiful, maybe you can be amodel.
K: amm, well, i don’t like it so much, i’m so shameful, and i don’t know where can i get a model job.
F: I have a friend who is in a model school, i’m going to ask her, she helped me with...
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