Few women reach the very top positions

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  • Publicado : 19 de diciembre de 2010
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NAME: Anahí Bonilla

There are many successful women. But men are who lead enterprises, factories and countries. Women have gotten a big development,nowadays; women show our intelligence and our abilities in business, sports and the science. But why very few women reach the very top positions? There are many reasons, then some of them.

Peoplethink that men should lead the enterprises. Maybe it is a custom, during years men have leaned the most important companies around the world. Obviously Men reached the top positions because they haveright to study. The society thought that men had to work and keep the family. Women had to be at home, taking care of babies, washing, and cooking. But nowadays, the roles are changing. Women studyand work, women contribute to sustain the home. But many people don’t accept these changes. The society should change their mind and to give opportunities for women.
Women don’t have the necessarysupport. In some families, the husband doesn’t permit his wife works. The husband thinks that his family will be abandoned if the wife works. Sometimes, when the wife works, children are alone athome and they aren’t responsible with their attitudes. They need a person who controls their activities. People think that the wife is the responsible to take care of the children, but it is aresponsibility of the father, too.
People think that a single woman it is not responsible and a married woman does not have time to assume a very top position. This is a lie. I think that, women are mostresponsible than men, during all our life. Single women and married women are responsible in our studies, work and at home. If we have to do many activities, we do it all of them with patience andresponsibility.
People think that women are most sensible than men, we could not lead an enterprise. I agree somehow. But it is not a obstacle to be an excellent manager, director or president.