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Zenith 12 XP

To get the best results from your Zenith study these instructions thoroughly to make sure you are familiar with the essential features of the camera before you start taking pictures. It is suggested that before loading the first film you sit down with the instructions in front of you and try out all the controls to generally 'get the feel' of the camera. It is also recommendedthat a 'test' film be shot and the results examined before taking further pictures. This will enable any early operator errors to be corrected and will give you confidence for the future. As a 'system' camera your Zenith will accept a large number of different lenses and additional accessories; we particularly recommend as most suitable those from the Hellos range which will enable you to cope withalmost any photographic situation. Your Zenith is sturdily built to work happily under widely varying conditions but it should always be remembered that as a precision optical instrument it must at all times be treated with due care and consideration and protected from shock, damp, dust, sand and sudden changes of temperature. With care it will give many years of reliable service - and ; brilliantpictures. This booklet has been provided to enable you to get the best results as quickly as possible and is not intended to be a comprehensive manual of photography. There are many good inexpensive books on photographic technique available and your dealer will be pleased to recommend one suitable for your particular need. Format: 24 x 36mm;using standard 35mm cassettes of 12, 20, 24 or 36exposure color or black and white film. Shutter: Horizontal traveling Focal Plane type, speeded 1/30,1/60,1/125, 1/250 and 1/500th second plus B (brief time). Linked to self-timer giving approximately 7 seconds delay. Flash Synchronization: Electronic flash at 1/30th sec. through 'Hot-shoe' or standard 3mm co-axial socket Viewing/Focusing system: Eye-level pentaprism/instant return mirror shows uprightlaterally correct image. Bright Fresnel focusing screen with central microprism spot.

Exposure meter: Zenith 12. Built-in CdS cell with L.E.D. indicators in the viewfinder. Power source: two Mallory D386 cells. (These should be replaced once a year.) Zenith 11 Selenium cell with match-needle read out. Both meters calibrated for 16500 ASA/13-28 DIN.

Frame counter: Additive 0-36 manualresetting type Standard Lens: Helio 44M-4, 58mm focal length Construction: 6 elements in 4 groups Diaphragm type: Fully automatic instantly re-open. Aperture range F2-F16 with click stops at full and half apertures (except between F11 and F16) Distance scale: 0.5 to infinity Filter size: 52mm screw Lens mount: 42mm thread, accepts standard single pin automatic lenses and accessories

Loading theCamera - Step by step instructions

Always load the camera in subdued light; if outdoors shield from direct sunlight.

Make sure that the indicator on the Shutter Release Button [3] is facing towards the front of the camera.

Depress Shutter Release Button [3] - if shutter does not fire advance Transport Lever [2] in short strokes until it stops and press Shutter Release Button [3] again.Lift Rewind Knob [16] to open back.

Insert film cassette into Film Chamber [21] projection of cassette to bottom. Push Rewind Knob [16] down turning slightly to seat into cassette. Draw out enough film to insert tip of leader into any of Take-up Spool's

[22] slots ensuring that the second hole engages with a tooth on the spool. Ease film forward by swat strokes of Transport Lever [2]until it stops. The lower Sprocket Teeth [26] should be properly engaged.

Fire shutter. Advance film by short strokes of transport lever until both top and bottom sprockets are engaged. If necessary tighten film on Take-up Spool [22] by turning the flange at the base of the spool anti-clockwise with the finger and in the cassette by gently turning the Rewind Knob [16] in the direction of the...
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