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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2011
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ffffffdNalidixic Acid Selective Supplement


Sterile selective supplement for isolation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa formulated according to ISO 16266:2006 and ISO 12780:2002 when addedto Cetrimide Agar.

5 Freeze-dried vials + 5 Rehydration vials Vial

Packaging Details
22x45 mm glass vials, tag labelled, White plastic cap - 5 vials per box + 5 rehydration fluidvials

Shelf Life Storage 36 months 2-8ºC


107 ± 5 mg

of Weight/Volume

Nalidixic acid, sodium salt............... 7,5 mg


Reconstitute thevial with 6 ml of sterile diluent, pre-warmed to aprox. 37ºC and add to 500 ml of (Theoretical formula in g/l of demineralized water / per vial) sterilized Sabouraud Agar base cooled to roomtemperature and pour into 90mm petri dishes. Incubate the plates right side up anaerobically at 25±2ºC for 48-72h. (Incubation times greater than those mentioned above or different incubation temperatures maybe required depending on the sample, on the specifications,...) After incubation, enumerate the colonies with a blue-greenish appearance, due to pigment production by Pseudomonas sp. Calculate totalmicrobial count per ml of sample by multiplying the average number of colonies per plate by the inverse dilution factor. Report results as Colony Forming Unit (CFU’s) per ml along with incubation timeand temperature. Presumptive isolation of Pseudomonas sp must be confirmed by further tests.

Reconstitute the original freeze-dried vial by adding 1 vial with Sterile DistilledWater...................... 6 ml

NOTE : Each vial is sufficient to supplement 500ml of medium Base, 01-609.

Physical/Chemical control Color of the media: Gray -White Aspect: SatisfactoryMicrobiological control pH: N.A. Weight/Volume:
107 (Quantity per unit; in gr for solid products, in ml for liquid products)

Reconstitute 1 vial as indicated in COMPOSITION; shake and dissolve completely...
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