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English Draft, Automatic roll

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In this paper, we analyze the process of the roller automatic; the aim of this paper is to presentdata important utilities costs and benefits, for or discover point roll for this was made a research on its history Minuses

Theoretical Framework


Roller tool. The roll is an instrumentused for the application of paint, which is composed of a cylinder covered with fiber, hair or foam and a handle engaged by a metal framework, which facilitates their movement. As the load enough paintroller, commonly used in large surface, its use is fairly easy, this application provides the forms of painting that are commonly vertically and horizontally, through the techniques of junction andrevision. Apart from the elements of a roll this brings some enhancements such as:

• Extension
• plastic or metal bucket
• Roller tray

The rollers are of different types, according to the cuffmaterial, size and shape:
According to the cuff material:

• foam roller
• Rollers synthetic or natural wool
• textured rollers
Depending on the size and shape of the roll:
• Traditional Roller• Corner Roller
• Roller tube
Thanks to the wide variety of rolls can be achieved with these, applying synthetic paints, leaving a unique texture, applying paint in tempera and plastic drywall orplaster walls, better finish, textured finishes, decorating. All this causes a different form of application in the walls that provide original changes to the decoration of a house or building.[Architecture and construction equipment


The invention relates to a paint roller hollow cylinder with a rotating so fixed a handle folded several times, which is supported axially on arotating but not sliding These paint rollers, made of this relatively simple, yet functioning friendly so under certain conditions space, The invention therefore has the task of con include a paint...
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