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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2010
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Anubis CIA

The company Anubis CIA born the February 14/2008 in the Cra 91 N° 147 - 37, corresponding at the locality eleven (Suba, Bogotá DC); Juan Pablo Guerrero is the owner and administrator ofthis.

The representative colors of Anubis are red and blue, its logo is an eye that refers at the god Anubis.

The company was constituted how a partnership, with its two principals partners,Juan Pablo Guerrero and Cristian Andrey Sossa, it began its services with the sale of jewelry and accessories; its social reason is Guerrero & Company and its slogan was "Anubis CIA, renew yourbeauty".

In its first year, it had with principals members Juan Pablo Guerrero, Cristian Andrey Sossa, David Sebastian Landinez, Miguel Angel Cruz and Javier Andres Callejas, but somebody had a poorperformance, Javier Callejas was the first dismissed member why Maria Fernanda Patiño got into the company in July 26/2008.

In mid-year, the company had a stability why this continued with itsservices.

In 2009, Maria Fernanda Patiño and Miguel Angel Cruz finished their services in the company due to personals problems; in this year got into Javier Andres Callejas and Camilo Andres Garcia inthe company. In this year, the company earnings were poor.

The year finished and the company didn´t fulfilled its expected expectations.

In 2010, the year begin with many expected expectations;Javier Andres Callejas finished his services in the company due to personals problems and the replacement is Daniel Felipe Barrera, who comes at the company in the office of general services

Inthis year, the company presents a jury a new product, along with all other companies to change the present services by food services. The company Anubis CIA is the winner in this election, due to thispresent an innovative food product, the Panne-cook charms the most people.

The company Anubis CIA sells Panne-cook and crepes, with two different fillings which are chicken with mushroom and...
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