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Ernesto (Lobito) Fonseca:
Born on September 3, 1981 in San José, Costa Rica, Fonseca began riding dirt bikes at the age of 5. At 12 years old, his natural talent had led him to the United States for a chance to race in mini-classes where he dominated the 80cc class. At this point, Ernesto decided to move up to the 125cc Pro class, where the powehouses of Costa Rican motocross such as AdrianRobert, Rodolfo Peña, Arnoldo Beeche, and others had a tough battle for the championship.
At first, there was a little controversy since MotoClub de Costa Rica has a rule, that the minimum age to ride 125's was 17. In the end M.C.C.R. modified this rule and Fonseca was perfectly legal in the 125cc class. It was in his first exhibition race in la Guácima where Fonseca showed his talent by beatingAdrian Robert. From here on, Ernesto and Adrian Robert were the fans favorites and the all time contenders for the 125cc & 250cc class titles, battling one each other race after race. Ernesto's dominance also gave him several 125cc Latin American motocross championships. Fonseca kept a busy schedule competing in winter Olympics and Loretta Lynn's amateur motocross championships where he met his longtime friend Ricky Carmichael. In 1999, Phil Alderton and Erik Kehoe of Yamaha of Troy would hire him to race the AMA Supercross Series East.
It was just matter of time for Fonseca to step up to AMA motocross. AMA Pro Racing, and Yamaha of Troy (Y.O.T.), embraced him and made him feel at home. A confidence boost for Ernesto was also that he was understudy of names like Jeremy McGrath, Jimmy Button& others.
That season he had certainly proven himself, winning the first five rounds of the series, and the championship. For this, Fonseca was named the 1999 AMA Rookie of the Year award and he went on to win the 125 East division championship (first championship for Yamaha of Troy as a Team) aboard a Yamaha YZ125R. Ernesto's second season at Y.O.T. was full of struggles as he adapted from twoto four-stroke bikes. In his third season, now accustomed to his four-stroke bike and the different riding it requires, he went on to win the west conference championship. He became the first rider to win both East and West division championships and also the first rider to win Supercross on a four-stroke.
As AMA rules state a rider must move to the 250cc Supercross class if they've won two 125ccSupercross championships, Fonseca joined the American Honda factory racing team in 2002 joining long time friend Ricky Carmichael. At Honda, Carmichael helped Ernesto immensely, helping him improve in the outdoor motocross championship. This was reflected by Fonseca usually finishing in the top five.
Tragically, Fonseca's career came to an end due to a practice crash that broke cervicals C5, C6and C7. Ernesto Fonseca, a tough rider, remains a Costa Rican motocross legend.

• 6th AMA 250 Supercross Series
• 3rd AMA 250 National Motocross Series
• 27th AMA 250 Supercross Series [missed most of season due to injury]
• 5th AMA 250 National Motocross Series
• 3rd AMA 250 Supercross Series
• 8th AMA 250 National Motocross Series
• 7thAMA 250 Supercross Series
• 4th AMA 125 National Motocross Series
• 1st AMA 125 Western Region Supercross Series
• 8th AMA 125 East/West Supercross Shootout
• 3rd AMA 125 National Motocross Series
• 5th AMA 125 Eastern Region Supercross Series
• 7th AMA 125 National Motocross Series
• 1st AMA 125 Eastern Region Supercross Series
• 8th AMA125 National Motocross Series
• 1999 AMA Rookie of the Year

Claudia Poll


Poll was born in Managua, Nicaragua. Her parents were Germans who settled in Nicaragua where they had Claudia and her older sister Silvia Poll. After the 1972 earthquake of Managua and rising political problems, Claudia's parents decided to move south to Costa Rica. Poll became a citizen of Costa Rica...
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