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  • Publicado : 26 de noviembre de 2010
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Hector Castillo

One time there was a Mexican man that wanted to cross the border because he hated his job. His job was to clean horse poop. When he was going toleave he said goodbye to his friends and family and wife. His friend told him that the Mexican president said that anyone who even tries to cross the border will gettheir head cut off. The man said “okay, I will be careful.” He started to walk down the path, then he saw an airplane that said “Go to meximart where you can getall your Mexican needs.” He laughed. After that, he saw a building that was on fire! There was a woman in there. He thought if he saved her she would kiss him. So hewent inside and started crying because the smoke hurt his eyes. He went back outside and took a deep breath and closed his eyes and ran in. When he got inside hecrashed into a burning wall he started rolling in the grass to get the fire off his face. When he stood up he had realized they had saved the women when he barely got inthe first time. Then he saw that the women was married and if she kissed him he would’ve gotten beat up. So the man now had a burned head, he felt stupid, and he wasscared of the women’s husband. He started to walk away, he was only 5 miles away from the border! Then, he saw the Mexican president in meximart with his bodyguards they saw him and started chasing him because the man had a shirt that said “I love to cross the border.” they ran for four miles. Then the Mexican’s presidents momcalled and said “ hi honey are you going to be home for dinner” 
The president said “ no mom, I am trying to catch a man who wants to cross to the U.S.A.