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I’ll Hate you forever I think
Lily squirmed nervously in her plushy chair. Dumbledore was looking at her with his hands steepled,and his eyes lost their usual sparkle. "Now, tell me, Miss Evans. Did you get a good look at your attackers?"
Lily, not meeting his solemn eyes, replied, "You see, I don't know, Professor."Dumbledore questioned her with his eyes. Lily continued, "I don't remember a thing about the whole incident, but I'm positive that it was Bellatrix Black. She tried to curse me in the Hospital Wing, too."Dumbledore nodded. "Those are very grave accusations, Miss Evans. And Miss Black, Mr. Snape, and Mr. Potter will indeed be punished for fighting on school grounds. The only problem is that, as youyourself said, you have no recollection of that night."
Lily's eyes widened, and she lifted her head. "But, Professor! Bellatrix as good as told me that it was her!"
Dumbledore stood up and walked tothe window. "Nevertheless, I cannot base punishment on so little evidence."
Lily remained silent, aware of the fact that Dumbledore was deep in thought. He stared into the swirling mist outside, untilthe door burst open.

"So, James, how is this supposed to work again?" Sirius asked in doubt.
The four Marauders were hunched over a table in the very room where they had become Animagi a yearbefore.
Remus was scratching a design of Hogwarts into the large, yellow parchment before him, while James supervised.
"When the map of Hogwarts is done, I'll pour this Animation Potion on top of it."James held up a vial of blue potion he had made from the ingredients he 'borrowed' from Professor Milles two days ago. "It will cause the map to 'come alive,' and will show us where everyone is at thetime. And when you, Sirius, have added in all of the secret passageways and passwords, I'll put this Replicis Potion on it." He held up a second vile of orange liquid. "That will let the map update...
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