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Vista previa del texto is an investment webpage. The page provides some basic information about creating an investment plan and choosing the right investment plan. The pages provide informationfor more experience investor and for starters. Depending on the person needs you can get the information from the page or you can contact them for a service for a fee. Furthermore, evaluating the webpage content I found out about its accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency and coverage. lists the authors that published any information in the website. The contact information isavailable in case we need to get in touch with the publisher. The purpose of their page is to inform and to acquire new investors to their company. The page is worked by professionals in the businessarea.
The page lists the author credential in each of their work. The documents published are separate from the Webmaster and every publisher lists its qualifications. Their domain is .com andFidelity Investments is the institution responsible for any information published in their webpage.
The page provides accurate information with limited advertising. The advertising within the pagerelates to the company itself. The page is very objective presenting the information they published. The opinions presented by each author are typically related with the state of the economy, for example,how the stock market is doing and the interest rates in the market. is always updated; the information provided in the page gets update regularly with new information. The links areupdated too, to a large extent of precise information of the market and the economy. This is very important because we can rely on the information posted on the page with less concern about outdated info.Basically most of the information published in the page can be view properly. However, since this is a private company some of the information is just for customers. The technology used in the...
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