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  • Publicado : 23 de mayo de 2011
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Flp 4:1 Therefore,G5620 myG3450 brethrenG80 dearly belovedG27 andG2532 longed for,G1973 myG3450 joyG5479 andG2532 crown,G4735 soG3779 stand fastG4739 inG1722 the Lord,G2962 my dearly beloved.G27Flp 4:2 I beseechG3870 Euodias,G2136 andG2532 beseechG3870 Syntyche,G4941 that they be of the same mindG5426 G3588 G846 inG1722 the Lord.G2962
Flp 4:3 AndG2532 I intreatG2065 theeG4571 also,G2532trueG1103 yokefellow,G4805 helpG4815 those womenG846 whichG3748 laboured withG4866 meG3427 inG1722 theG3588 gospel,G2098 withG3326 ClementG2815 also,G2532 andG2532 with otherG3062 myG3450fellowlabourers,G4904 whoseG3739 namesG3686 are inG1722 the bookG976 of life.G2222
Flp 4:4 RejoiceG5463 inG1722 the LordG2962 alway:G3842 and againG3825 I say,G2046 Rejoice.G5463
Flp 4:5 Let yourG5216moderationG1933 be knownG1097 unto allG3956 men.G444 TheG3588 LordG2962 is at hand.G1451
Flp 4:6 Be carefulG3309 for nothing;G3367 butG235 inG1722 every thingG3956 by prayerG4335 andG2532supplicationG1162 withG3326 thanksgivingG2169 let yourG5216 requestsG155 be made knownG1107 untoG4314 God.G2316
Flp 4:7 AndG2532 theG3588 peaceG1515 of God,G2316 which passethG5242 allG3956 understanding,G3563shall keepG5432 yourG5216 heartsG2588 andG2532 mindsG3540 throughG1722 ChristG5547 Jesus.G2424
Flp 4:8 Finally,G3063 brethren,G80 whatsoever thingsG3745 areG2076 true,G227 whatsoever thingsG3745 arehonest,G4586 whatsoever thingsG3745 are just,G1342 whatsoever thingsG3745 are pure,G53 whatsoever thingsG3745 are lovely,G4375 whatsoever thingsG3745 are of good report;G2163 if there be anyG1536virtue,G703 andG2532 if there be anyG1536 praise,G1868 think onG3049 these things.G5023
Flp 4:9 Those things,G5023 whichG3739 ye have bothG2532 learned,G3129 andG2532 received,G3880 andG2532 heard,G191andG2532 seenG1492 inG1722 me,G1698 do:G4238 andG2532 theG3588 GodG2316 of peaceG1515 shall beG2071 withG3326 you.G5216
Flp 4:10 ButG1161 I rejoicedG5463 inG1722 the LordG2962 greatly,G3171...
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