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  • Publicado : 5 de noviembre de 2011
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Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
Campus Estado de México

Group: 51
Benjamín Pineda

Second Period Project Match Point

Question 2“Match Point” Film byWoody Allen
Understanding the meaning of justice according to Plato and Aristotle, the necessity to split each meaning to their own philosophies is crucial. Plato’s ideas of perfection rely on the“Kingdom of Ideas” which by content is the storage of all ideas in a perfect form. According to his own definition of perfect justice, he considered that the most important value for it is the form of itsown universal virtue, meaning then that justice is existed by the value of something being ethical and right. On the other hand, Aristotle who was settled in Greece after, he explained in his socialcontract theory, that human society is leaded by its own good nature, therefore the justice is applied by understanding the problem, understanding its importance, repercussions, and understanding therespect.
Now, the respect is meant by the ethical value towards others, the responsibility to maintain the common being and peace according to the idealistic human nature of doing the right thing,is what justice aim for. These both ideas are settled in both idealistic philosophies on trusting on the form, which is the idea; Plato’s definition, and the matter, which is the materialized form intothe reality; Aristotle’s definition, consequently, the necessity to explain Chris Wilton’s meaning on justice is also crucial. As he established in his quote “It would be fitting if I wereapprehended… and punished. At least there would be some small sign of justice, some small measure of hope for the possible meaning”, he meant that by the universal value that is given to justice, he will beresponding towards the consequence of his acts, towards his decisions, with the society.
In relation with the philosopher Plato, as he described justice as a form, with its values and conditions,...
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