"Filosofía para la nueva genética..."
Ernesto Schwartz Marín. Mphil in Genomics in Society ESRC- Centrefor Genomics in Society Exeter University, United Kingdom Byrne House St. Germans Road Exeter, UK EX4 4PJ;es265@ex.ac.uk www.genomicsnetwork.ac.uk/egenis

Abstract-The creation of The National Institute ofGenomic Medicine (INMEGEN) has been accompanied by the conception of genomic sovereignty in Mexico; thisrelation is key to understanding the socio-legal design of population genomics and the political framing ofthis new technology in the public sphere. In the last four years the coupling of an incipient bioethicalframework and the production of the Mexican Hap Map has converged in a modification to the General Law ofHealth, in order to protect the so called “genomic sovereignty”. Even though the discursive links betweennational security, the uniqueness of Mexican Mestizo/ Indigenous population and the promise to improve healthcare in the country, became the unquestionable platform for the new socio-technical project; the very [continua]

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