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* What do we need?

A clear plastic bottle
1 / 2 cup of ground
2 cups of sand
2 cups of gravel
aglass of water
a spoon
* Procedure
Step 1: Cut the bottom of the bottle about two inches from the bottom. This part can be dangerous, so it's a good idea to get helpfrom an adult for this part. Leave the lid on the bottle.

Step 2: Turn the bottle upside down so that you can pour gravel on it. It works best if you put larger gravel cover majorfirst because the hole in the lid.
Step 3: Pour the sand over gravel. It will fall into the spaces in the gravel.
Step 4: Mix the ground with some water.
 Step 5: Pour the dirty water over the ground in the bottle.
Step 6: Carefully remove the bottle cap and put the jet into a tall glass bottle or any container that can have itsvertical filter. Watch the water running through the sand and gravel.
Step 7: Check that water! The layers of sand and gravel should remove the dirt in the water.


My hypothesis is that the water will come back exactly as we put it or cleaner.


The objective of this project is to prove that with recycled things we canget a very useful object.

* Observations
Look at the water I put before I put it into the filter and then look at the water that comes out of the filter, it is reallydifferent.Escuchar

* Conclusions
My hypothesis was right. The water came out of the filter very neat and possible to drink. The best thing of it is that the filter is very little so that itcould be transported to almost everywhere. And that way is that I proved that the recycled things can be very useful.
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