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15/40/80CN Series
Medium Pressure Filters
Max 320 l/min - 70 bar

Global Filtration Technology

Medium Pressure Filters
15/40/80CN Series

Compressor Lube Oil Off-line Filter Loops Machine Tools (Automotive Standard) Hydrostatic Drive Charge Pumps Mobile Equipment Pilot Lines For Servo Controls Oil Patch Drilling Equipment Injection Moulding The Parker Filtration15/40/80CN Series Medium Pressure Filters.
This partial list of applications for Parker “CN” Series Filters has a common factor, the need for an economical, medium pressure range filter with excellent fatigue pressure ratings. Prior to the availability of the “CN” filter, applications such as those listed were restricted by limitations of a spin-on can, or forced into the higher-cost range of highpressure filters. The “CN” Series fills this gap, and now with the newly increased fatigue rating from 40 to 56 bar the applications are expanded. FEATURES
56 bar fatigue rating eight times that of a spin-on)

Ability to provide reliable service under tough cyclic operating conditions Can be utilised in applications where high pressure filters may have been only option

BENEFITSReduced downtime due to premature filter failures Reduced costs, better “fit” for the application No downtime, no leaks Performs with “real world” service Easier service, eliminates thread galling Satisfies specifications without need for further testing and/or approval Less weight, smaller envelop and cleaner appearance Great performance value Reliable performance throughout element life Reducesdowntime, maximises element life No hidden deficiencies Easy selection of proper filtration Optimise element life, prevent bypassing Matches your system electrical connections

Diametral (side) seal between head and bowl Dust Seal 40CN-2 meets automotive H3 standard 15CN meets automotive HF2 standard Cast aluminium head Reinforced Microglass III replacement elements

Proven reliability incyclic applications Reduced importance of bowl torque Prevents contamination from building up on bowl/head threads Automotive industry acceptance Low profile, lightweight and durable Multi-layered design produced high capacity and efficiency Wire support reduces pleat bunching, keeps performance consistent All pertinent information is provided in an easy-to-compare format Check element condition at aglance Right style for the application

Complete performance data disclosure Visual, electrical or electrical/visual indicators available

*Fluoroelastomers are available under various registered trademarks, including Viton (a registered trademark of DuPont) and Fluorel (a registered trademark of 3M)


Medium Pressure Filters
15/40/80CN Series

Maximum AllowableOperating Pressure:
70 bar setting Bypass 1.7 bar 3.5 bar Indicator 1.2 bar 2.5 bar Length 1 1.1 2.0 5.6 Length 2 1.6 2.5 6.9

Operating Temperature Range:
-26°C to 135°C (Fluoroelastomer Seals) -42°C to 107°C (Nitrile)

Weights (Kg):
Model 15CN 40CN 80CN

Materials of Construction:
Aluminium head, hard anodized aluminium bowl

Filtration Media:
Microglass III. (See Table 4). For E Seriesconsult Parker Filtration

Inlet and outlet ports are threaded internally, flange faced ports available on 80CN Port Style BSPF(G) SAE ISO 6149 Metric 3000-M config Model 15CN 1”, 3/4” 12, 16 M27 40CN 11/4”, 11/2” 16, 24 M33 80CN 11/2”, 2” 24, 32 M42, M48 2”

Fluid Compatability:
Suitable for use with mineral and vegetable oils, and some synthetic oils. For other fluids, pleaseconsult Parker Filtration

Seal Material:
Nitrile or Fluoroelastomer*

Electrical Ratings:
Power - 5 VA max, Current - 0.25 A max (resistive), Voltage - 28 VDC max, 28 VAC (50-60Hz) max, Contacts - normally open and normally closed, wired to DIN plug pin code (option code E2 only)

Bypass Valve & Indicator Settings:
Table following gives bypass valve and corresponding indicator

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