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Which statement about stateless autoconfiguration is true? A host can autoconfigure itself by appending its MAC address to the local link prefix (64 bits). Autoconfiguration allows devices to connect themselves to the network using IOS router DHCP services. Autoconfiguration is well suited for devices such as servers and print servers. During the autoconfiguration process, a router advertises theIPv6 64-bit prefix of its interface, and the host prepends this prefix to its EUI-64 formatted MAC address. During the autoconfiguration process, the host sends a router advertisement, and the router replies with a router solicitation. 2

Refer to the exhibit. Two-way redistribution was configured between OSPF and RIP on R2. After the redistribution, R3 does not see any external routes comingfrom the RIP domain. The debug ip ospf database external output reveals that no external LSAs are generated for the routes. What could the problem be? A default-metric command is missing from the R2 configuration. A subnet keyword is missing from the R2 configuration. An area 0 stub command is missing from the R2 configuration. A distribute-list in Serial0/1 command on R3 is blocking all of theupdates coming from R2.

3When running OSPF, which options must be the same within the hello packet exchanged between two adjacent routers? (Choose three.) stub flag hello/dead intervals router priority DR/BDR assignments area ID 4 A client computer is set up for DHCP and needs an IP configuration. During the DHCP client configuration process, which response will enable the client to begin usingthe assigned address immediately? DHCPACK DHCPREQUEST DHCPOFFER DHCPDISCOVER 5. Which EIGRP table contains information regarding the distance reported by an adjacent neighbor to a specific destination? routing table neighbor table adjacency table topology table distance table 6What effect will a passive-interface command have on a specific interface? It will prevent the transmitting of routingprotocol information through the interface. It will prevent the sending or receiving of any information on the interface. It will force the router to ignore incoming routing updates. It will prevent routes learned through the interface from being listed in the routing table.

7 Which statement best describes routing of packets to the network as displayed in the graphic of the EIGRP topologytable entry? equal-cost load balancing using interface Serial0 and Ethernet1 unequal-cost load balancing using interface Serial0 and Ethernet1

equal-cost load balancing using interface Serial0 and Ethernet0 no load balancing on interface Serial0 and Ethernet1 8

Observe the graphic and configuration. What must the administrator do to ensure that clients within the network will beable to communicate with clients within the network? configure summarization on R1 with the ip summary-address eigrp command disable automatic summarization on R1 with the no auto-summary command add the network mask command under router eigrp 100 enable classless support on R1 with the ip classless command nothing, EIGRP supports discontiguous subnets by default9. A network administrator has recently added a new area, Area 3, to the OSPF internetwork. Due to physical limitations, it is not possible to provide Area 3 with direct access to the backbone. What must the administrator

configure to ensure continuity in the OSPF network? area area-id stub no-summary neighbor area area-id nssa no-summary area area-id virtual-link router-id 10 In which statedoes BGP start exchanging update packets with its peers? connect established update active

Refer to the exhibit. Host A is unable to obtain an IP address from the DHCP server. Which procedure would solve this problem? Configure ip helper-address on interface Fa0/0 of router RTA. Configure ip helper-address on interface Fa0/0 of router RTA. Configure ip helper-address...
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