Final De Ingles Modulo 2 Utn

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1) WRITE QUESTIONS a) Can you play any musical instrument? I can play the piano and the violin. b) How well can Sue play tennis? Sue can play tennis very well. c) How long it takes to get to work? Ittakes me two hours to get to work. d) Which is the best time to go skiing? Winter is the best time to go skiing. e) What are you doing after work? After work, she goes to the gym. 2) CHOOSE THECORRECT ANSWER 1) What kinds of sports do you like? a) Balls and dolls. b) Football isn’t my favorite spot. c) Baseball and tennis. 2) What time do you go to work? a) From 7 am to 9 am. b) At 8:30 am. c)Every thirty minutes. 3) Does John know how to play chess? a) Yes. He can. b) Yes. He likes it. c) Yes. He can beat me easily. 4) How well can you play football? a) Good. b) Fairly well. c) Not. 5) MayI ask who’s calling? a) My name is Charles. b) I’ll call you back. c) Thank you. 3) WRITE SENTENCES FOR EACH OF THESE WORDS a) chicken: Do you have any chicken for dinner? b) soda: I don’t have anybottles of soda. c) fruits: He wants some fruits for the fruit salad. d) pies: She doesn’t have any pies for breakfast. e) pasta: I need some pasta for lunch. f) lemon juice: Would you like some lemonjuice? 4) UNDERLINE THE MISTAKES AND REWRITE THE SENTENCES a) She like to play tennis. - - - She likes to play tennis b) I works five days a week. - - - I work five days a week c) Which season is thecold? - - - Which season is the colddest? d) When do life begin? - - - When does life begin? e) He eats breakfast before he wakes up. - - - He eats breakfast after wakes up f) In Saturdays, I alwayswalk. - - - On Saturdays, I always walk. g) If the movie interesting, she reads a book. - - - If the movie isn’t interesting, she reads a book. h) Hot is to summer but cold is to winter. - - - Hot isto summer as cold is to winter

5) MATCH THE WORDS ON THE LEFT WITH THE WORDS ON THE RIGHT 1) Math a) television 2) eat b) to music 3) go c) lunch 4) take d) homework 5) leave e) to work 6) listen...
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