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Who will help me plant this wheat?, ask the little red hen, and no one of her friends help. The characters maintain a lazy and sleepy mood all over the story and reject time after time the queries of the hen. Only at the end they give a positive answer when the hen ask for help foreating.
This story is good for teaching cooperation, sequence - science (stages of a seed of wheat),

Once upon a time the Little Red Hen was pecking about for seeds when she discovered some ears of wheat on the ground.
“Well,” she thought, “if I plant them, we can make something good to eat.” Then she called to her friends in the barnyard.

- “Who will help me plantthis wheat?”

- “Not I”, said the cat, snoozing on the step.
- “Not I”, said the dog, lying in the shade of a tree.
- “Not I”, said the pig, lounging in a deep, cool mud puddle.

- “Well then, I shall have to do it myself”, said the Little Red Hen, and she set to work. She dug up the ground and raked it. She sowed the wheat seeds and watered them, and then she kept the weeds awayevery day. After many days, the grins had grown to tall stalks of golden wheat.

- “Who will help me cut the wheat?” called the Little Red Hen.
- “Not I,” yawned the cat.
- “Not I”, sighed the dog.
- “Not I”, groaned the pig.
They all rolled over and went back to sleep.

- “Very well then, I shall have to do it myself”, said the Little Red Hen, and she set to work. She cut thewheat with a sharp sickle. She threshed it until she had collected a sack full of golden grain.

-“Now the grain must go to the miller and be made into flour”, said the Little Red Hen.
- “Who will help me carry it?”
- “Not I”, said the cat, lifting a paw to bat a butterfly.
- “Not I”, said the dog, his tail twitching away a fly
- “Not I”, said the pig, chomping at a bee as itflew past.
- “Very well then, I shall have to do it myself”, said the Little Red Hen, and she set to work. She lifted the sack of grain onto her back and trudged all the way to the miller´s. The miller ground the wheat into flour. He gave the Little Red Hen a sack full of clean white flour, and she carried it all the way home.

- “Now it is time to bake a cake!” said the Little Red Hen. “Whowould like help me cook?”
- “Not I”, said the cat, rolling over on her side.
- “Not I”, said the dog disappearing u under the porch.
- “Not I”, said the pig sinking up to her nose in the mud.

- “Well then I shall have to do it myself”, said the Little Red Hen, and she set to work. She got some milk, some salt, and some sugar and butter and raisins and mixed them in a great big bowlwith the flour. She greased the pan and poured in the cake batter, and then put it in the oven.
Soon a wonderful smell began to fill the kitchen. It drifted out of the window and onto the porch, it drifted off of the porch and across the garden.
- “Now it is time to eat”, said the Little Red Hen.
- “Who will help me eat?”
- “I will !” said the cat, jumping up onto the window sill.
- “Iwill!” said the dog, rushing up the front steps.
- “I will!” said the pig, shaking off a great quantity of mud and hustling across the pen.

- “Oh no, you won´t!”, said the Little Red Hen. “You didn´t help me to pick, or plant, or harvest, or carry, or bake. I alone will eat the cake”! And she did!.


o Level of the group.

This story as it ispresented is appropriate to teach English in all the second cycle of Infant Education: three, four and five year olds children.

o Pedagogical objectives

1. To identify animals.
2. To identify colours.
3. To identify actions that can be done on a farm.
4. To identify places on a farm.
5. To answer using: I will do...
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