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Industry and Commerce Tax and Supplementary Notice and Boards

Industry and Trade Tax
This is a subnational tax levied on income earned by the exercise of industrial,
commercial and service to exercise or perform, directly or indirectly, persons, corporations or companies made in the respective municipal jurisdictions. Below are the definitions the types of activity according to Colombianlaw.

Industrial Activity
Those dedicated to the production, extraction, manufacture, preparation, preparation, repair, manufacturing,
assembly of any class of goods or materials, in general, any process of transformation,
is elementary

Commercial Activity
Those for the dispensing, sale or distribution of goods or merchandise, both wholesale and
detail. In addition, commercial activitiesare understood as those identified as such by
commercial use

Services Activity
All work, labor or work performed by a natural person or legal or de facto partnership, without to mediate employment relationship with whomever hires them, that generate a monetary or in kind to close in an obligation to do, regardless of their predominant factor in material or intellectual.
The tax base of thistax the gross value is obtained by the taxpayer less deductions, exemptions and not subject to the entitled. The rate of this tax is defined by each of the municipalities, which are free to setting rates within the following ranges, defined by the Act Tax Regime:

For industrial activities, the two (2) to seven (7) per thousand (between 0.2% and 0.7%).
For commercial and service activities oftwo (2) to ten (10) per thousand (between 0.2% and 1%).This is a territorial tax.

placement of billboards, signs and boards in the public space.

this tax is assessed and charged to all natural persons, legal entities or companies performing industrial activities ,commercial and service in the relevant local jurisdictions that use the public space to advertise or publicize your business or yourbusiness name through billboards, signs or boards.
The tax base of this tax is the value to be paid for Tax and Trade and Industry
rate is 15%

The Unified Property Tax.
levied on the ownership of land or real estate located in urban areas, suburban or rural, with or without buildings. Consequently, the taxpayers of this tax are owners or possessors of real estate. This tax is justified bythe property
Following is the feature of the concentration of income, and to that extent the property is taxed.
The tax base of this tax comprises the current assessed value adjusted by the Index
Consumer Prices - IPC -. In areas such as the Capital District of Bogota, the taxable base is the self-assessment made by the taxpayer.
The applicable rate depends on the quality of the property, thatis, if rural, urban or suburban, and varies between 4 and 12 per thousand (between 0.4% and 1.2%), in differential form, taking into account the economic destination each farm.
This tax is deductible at 100% in the Statement of Income Tax, provided that it has
causal relationship with the income producing activity.

The registration tax
is a tax that affects all acts, contracts or legaldocumentary to be registered with the Chambers of Commerce and at the offices of Instruments Public.
The tax base of this tax consists of the value embedded in the document containing the
act, contract or transaction. In documents with no value, the taxable base is determined according the nature of them.
contracts or legal transactions with the amount subject to registration in the registry officesof instruments public, between 0.5% and 1% contracts or legal claims subject to registration with the Chambers of Commerce, among the 0.3% and 0.7%, and contracts or legal no amount subject to registration in the registry offices of instruments
public or chambers of commerce, between two and four legal daily minimum wage.
Examples of documents with no value are: minutes of appointment, name...
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