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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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I belong to the area of sales of the Portalito company, the next survey is sent to all the shopkeepers from Tunja (Boyaca), is do it to examine the interest to test the new productstrawberries quesadillo. Mark with an X the answer that you want, it is important that your opinion be honest.
* Are you interested to receive a product in your establishment?
a. Yes
b. NOT
* Whatcharacteristic of size do you want to get in this product?
a. basic Size
b. ½ pound
c. pound
* How much are you willing to invest in this product in the basic size?
a. $ 1,000
b. $ 1,100
c. $900
* How often would you like to receive this product?
a. diary
b. Every two days
c. every week
d. every fifteen days
* What company do you know that offers this kind of service?

*What deficiencies have you found in this product?
a. quality
b. Duration
c. price.
d. what else ?

* Where do you can receive information about this product?
a. Internet
b. radio
c. flierd. Referrals

* Are you willing to support a Boyacense company that offers this product?
a. YES
b. NOT
* Are you interested to receive our product promotions?
a. YES
b. NOT
* Wouldyou like to receive advices of the sale of this product?
a. YES
b. NOT
* Would you allow that we offer you the cheeses variety of our company?
a. YES
b. NOT
* How would you do the paymentof the product?
a. by credit
b. Spot
* Would you like to pay the product to your dealer after the sale?
a. YES
b. NOT
* Are you interested in quesadillo as the main product from your store?a. YES
b. NOT
* Do you think that this product could be dangerous for the health of your client?
a. YES
b. NOT
* Would you replace us with another provider which if their milk products bemore economics?
a. YES
b. NOT
* Would you suggest us any motivation for the sale of the product to your customers?
a. YES
b. NOT
* Are you willing to change the product in some time, if...